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Walk the Talk & Talk the Walk

I know a man who loves his wife with all his heart, but he has never told her ‘I love you‘ even once because, um, he doesn’t roll that way. His love is very evident though in all the things he does for her and the kids. All she needs to do is read between the lines.

I know another guy who keeps telling his wife he loves her all the time, but he doesn’t do much of anything besides that. The family is more or less exactly where they were when they started. Same place, same problems. The only thing that’s moving up is their age.

Obviously, none of these blokes are really cutting the ice.

The first guy’s wife would happily do without half the things he’s buying her if he opened his mouth and told her just once, ‘You know what? I love you with all my heart.’

The second guy would probably do better to just shut up for a change and do something.

In movies, the heroes get away with just being cool. But in real life, you’ve got to do both: Talk the Walk and then Walk the Talk. There are no other options

Just saying…

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I, Me and Jesus

​Okay, let’s see if you got this. 

I’ve got three multiple choice questions here. All you have to do is pick the right answer. Ready? Go!


a) The Bible says God loves a cheerful giver

b) If you give God one dollar, He will give you 10

c) It will help the person you are being generous to


a) The Bible says it is not good to slander

b) It will make God upset 

c) It hurts the person you are gossiping about


a) The Bible says thou shall not commit adultery

b) If you do something bad to others, something bad will happen to you

c) Because it is not good to give others any cause for regret

Okay, here’s the deal….

On the face of it, it is seems like all of the answers are right. But if you look closely at the A’s and the B’s, the reasons listed there are very self-centered. 

This is how a self-centered person thinks: “The reason why I should be generous is because God loves it and (I) want to be right with God. I should not gossip because (I) don’t want God to be upset with (ME).

It’s all about (I) and (Me). 

In truth, there is nothing wrong with trying to please God, but the essence of what Jesus was trying to say when He said “love your neighbor as yourself” is that it is really difficult to really love anyone if you have a ME mentality. 

The idea that we can hurt people, coerce them to do things that are against their will and yet somehow please God by lighting candles or performing fancy rituals is totally twisted. You cannot be right with God if you treat people wrong.

Think about it. If someone speaks nicely to you but treats your kids rudely, would you be pleased with that person? 


But if they treat your kids with love and affection, you would be happy to do anything for them, right? 

It’s the same with God. If you want to please God you must treat all His children well. 

That’s why the Bible says those who claim to love God but hate their fellow human beings are lying. God wants us to be mindful of people and treat everyone with respect. 

– You should be generous because it helps the person you are being generous to. 

– You should not gossip because it hurts people. 

– You should not pressure your girlfriend or anyone to do anything they don’t want to do because it is not right to mar anyone’s future and give them cause for regret. 

That’s how you love your neighbor as yourself. That’s how you make a better world for everyone. That’s how you please God. 

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Marriage: You Said ‘Yes’

​Let me break this down for the benefit of people who really need to hear this.


– You are supposed to go to work

– You are supposed to put bread on the table

– You are supposed to take care of your wife and kids  

– You are supposed to fix things around the house

– You are supposed to take out the trash 

– You are supposed to mend broken toys and broken hearts

– You are supposed to hug and kiss it all away

And you are supposed to do all of that again and again in good times and bad, sickness and health until the very end… 
Because you promised you would, remember? So don’t act like you are doing your wife and kids a favour. 

And parenting is more than just putting food on the table. It is about love, it’s about holding hands and holding hearts, it’s about nurturing, mentoring and being there every time your child needs you. If you can’t do that then don’t bother having kids. 
If you wanted to do your own thing you shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. 
What’s the benefit of having you around? What’s so special about you? How does having you for a dad benefit your kids? Do you bring peace and joy into the lives of the people you claim to love, or do you bring trauma? What do people get when they get you?
How you treat your wife and kids says a lot about you. Anyone who does not take care of his family has denied the faith and should not expect God to answer his prayers at all. Don’t expect God to do for you what you won’t do for your own wife and kids.

Now, if you agree with everything I said here, and you’ve tried to straighten things out, but you just can’t seem to get it right no matter how hard you try, you need help. You need to splay yourself before the God of all creation and beg for help. Change always begins with repentance. Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.

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Nothing Is Free — Not Even PORN

Nothing in this world is free. Take  PORN, for example. If you think you can watch it endlessly and there is absolutely no price to pay, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, all of the devils wares — porn, drugs , alcohol — have a far higher price than money. The price is your LIFE.

Porn grows on you. First, it will suck up all your free time — you’ll become a loner, preferring to spend all your free time in the dark rather than the LIGHT. Then, it will slowly start contaminating your relationships. As you keep watching more and more porn, you’ll find yourself angrier, more abusive than ever before. If you are already addicted and hoping for a happy married life, FORGET IT! It’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

The reason porn subconsciously makes people angry is because porn is extremely violent. And you carry it everyhere with you — even to your marriage bed.

The real reason people hooked on porn don’t enjoy intimacy in marriage is because they are not really Making Love. Everything they do in bed is devoid of emotions, feelings, etc…they are just acting out what they saw on the screen, and they’ve defiled the sacredness of the marriage bed by bringing too many people to bed with them.

A friend of mine recently confided that her husband frequently hurts her in bed and doesn’t stop even when she protests. That’s because while she thinks he is with her, in his mind he is with somebody else. It is all about the act. And because it is just about the act, when it is over, it is really over. Because lust always runs out. Love, on the other hand, is Eternal. 

The dominant force in your marriage should always be LOVE, not lust. Married couples in love do exactly the same things in bed that people acting on lust do. But the first is a very intimate, powerful and fulfilling experience, while the other is just an empty act. In fact, people acting out on lust are almost always more miserable later.

So, whether you watch porn endlessly or just once in a while, remember there is a PRICE to pay. You are NOT watching it for free, you are watching it on credit. And the EMIs go on for the rest of your life.

I also guarantee that if you want to break your porn addiction and start over again, you won’t be able to. Try it and see. You’ll stop for a while and then start again…because the devil’s tentacles run deep. He didn’t give you all that free stuff so you could simply pack up and leave when you are done. He wants your very soul.

The only ONE who can free you from all your addictions and afflictions is GOD. If you are stuck and you can’t get out, you are looking for JESUS. REPENT of your sins and call out to Him. He will answer.

If you are still undecided about the consequences of watching porn, watch this:

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Are you a lover or a luster?

Consider this: You test drive cars and try on clothes before you buy them. Surely then it is alright to try different people too before you tie the big knot, right?


You try things before you buy them because they were not tailor-made for you; they were made for mass consumption. So, you really need to know which one fits you the best. Second, these products were manufactured by humans and therefore may not always be perfect. Marriage, however, is a God thing.

The perfect God, in His divine and perfect wisdom, created and pre-selected the perfect spouse, tailor-made especially for you. So, you don’t need to “check out the goods” and try on people like you try on clothes. The reason divorce rates are climbing is because people bring a “let’s try and see if this works” attitude to marriage. Also, many marriages these days are founded on lust instead of love. Well, guess what? If you don’t really love the person you are marrying, sooner or later you’ll get tired of the looks, the money, the fancy car, etc.

Lust always runs out.  Love, on the other hand, is eternal.

So, the real question you should be asking is: Are you a lover or a luster? And if you claim to be a lover, why are you not preserving yourself for the perfect one God has already chosen for you? If you don’t want a second-hand used piece, why are you becoming one yourself? Are you a lover or a luster?

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Are You Successful? Really?

Don’t plan success the way the world plans success. It does not matter what the world thinks because their perception is only based on the externals.

For instance, if you are nice and courteous to everyone at work but you act like a monster at home, you are terribly unsuccessful. Because you beat the people you “love” over how you were treated by the people who didn’t love you.

The world sees you talk on your fancy phone and drive your fancy car to a fancy spa where you meet your fancy friends and they think you’ve made it. But nobody knows that little Miss Manners is actually a gorilla.

You’ve got it all wrong, Princess. You are supposed to love people and use things. Instead, you love things and use people. And you call yourself successful? Ha!

The people who really matter are the people who live with you…because their opinion is based on realities. Wanna know how successful you really are? Go ask your mom and dad. Ask your kids. Ask your spouse. Ask God. Then, we’ll talk.

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Lip Service

It is quite easy to determine whether a person really loves God or is just paying Him lip service.

For instance, too much religious stuff – crucifixes, rosaries, scapulars, etc – on a person or in a person’s house does not mean such a person is close to God. On the contrary, it is very likely that such a person is far from God.

The real reason why people put images of God on the altar, on themselves and every where else is because they don’t have place for Him in their hearts. God, on the other hand, wants people to give Him his rightful place in their hearts; that’s why He forbids people from making idols and worshiping images of Him. (Read the 10 Commandments)

People whose hearts are far from God are also prone to “say” a lot of prayers, but they hardly pray. They say a bunch of by-hearted prayers, but their heart is not in it. They never pause to have a real conversation with God because their relationship with Him is not personal, it is transactional.

Such people are also very likely to attend mass religiously and say countless rosaries, not because they really love hanging out with God; they are just fulfilling their obligation. They don’t like missing Sunday mass because it really pricks their conscience. After all, it’s the only God-related activity they indulge in all week. For most of them, God is a Sunday to Sunday thing.

To such people Jesus says: “I am knocking on the door of your heart; if you hear my voice and open the door, i will come in and remain with you.”

This is an invitation. If you let Jesus into your heart, He will turn your life around for the best. Stop deceiving yourself. God is not fooled by anybody. He is not impressed by long prayers either. God only considers the heart. So, stop acting like the Pharisees. Jesus hated them because they loved their religious rituals more than they loved God.

It is no use going to church and singing “Oh! How i love Jesus” if you are going to keep breaking one Commandment after the other. Actions speak louder than words. If you really want to please God, repent of your sins and amend your ways.

What God really wants is a relationship with you. He wants you to hang out with Him and get to know Him better. He is waiting for His prodigal children to return.

Where are you going? What are you doing? Your Dad is waiting for you to come back home.