Kevin Menezes

Loved and Saved by God alone to Love and Serve God alone.

Life is a book—every day is a new page; every month, a new chapter; and every year, a new series. And while each day can teach us something new about ourselves and the world around us, it is also quite possible to stumble through an entire chapter and get nothing out of it. Life’s like that. We waltz in and out of situations and sometimes emerge scratching our heads and thinking, “I wonder what really happened back there?”
Wisdom cannot be swallowed whole. And if you try to stuff it down people’s throats, they are likely to vomit it all out and leave with a bad taste. So, this book of quotes attempts to break down life’s lessons into simpler, smaller, easier-to-chew morsels. That way, you can relish the essence of life one bite at a time.

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