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The Case For A Good & Just Creator

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Here’s one of the most pertinent questions in human history, one that’s been debated for thousands of years, and probably crossed your mind at least once too. If God Is Really So Good And Just Why Is There So Much Evil And Injustice In The World?

People who wrestle with this question eventually come to two logical conclusions: A) Maybe there is no God. B) Maybe God is powerless to do anything about it…because if He could, He certainly would, right? I am going to tackle both statements in this post, but in the interest of time, I am just going to scratch the surface.

Let’s start with the first statement: Maybe God Does Not Exist. I offer two theories for your consideration: Non-Scientific and Scientific.


Here’s a hypothetical situation. You come to me and say your boss is crazy. Everything in your office is falling apart, people don’t do the right thing, they fib and back-stab each other and cut corners every chance they get. And your boss in just a silent spectator, he doesn’t say or do anything about it.

And then I conclude “Well, if your boss is not doing anything about it, maybe he doesn’t exist.” How’s that for sound logic? It sounds crazy, right?

The disorder in your office  is not an indicator that there is no boss. On the contrary, the fact that you have an office where you can run to whenever you want to hang out with your crazy colleagues itself indicates that there must be a founder somewhere.

Take another scenario. Your neighbor’s kids run up to you and say, “We are starving and our dad just doesn’t care about us. He doesn’t respond to our needs or our fears. He is never even there when we need him.”

And then you put on your thinking cap and say, “Well, if he is never there, maybe he doesn’t exist.” How is that for being absurd? The fact that you are talking to your neighbor’s kids itself indicates that they have a father. So, the real question is not whether he exists, but whether or not he is a good father.

By that same token, the reasoning that injustice in the world disproves the existence of God is a false alternative.


The laws of physics prove that everything has a point of origin. In other words, all forms of matter – organic, inorganic, mud, metal, plants, animals, you and me, the stars, the planets (and everything on them), the entire universe ­– originate from something. But here’s the deal: something cannot come out of nothing. So if things cannot cause themselves to exist, there must have been some sort of creation event triggered by a dynamic, preexisting catalytic force…a Creator of sorts.

summaWhen you consider the scientific evidence for this Creator, the reasoning that this Someone – let’s call him God – does not exist just because there happens to be injustice in the world becomes a very mediocre argument.

So, if God exists and He is a good and just God, the real question is why isn’t He tackling evil and injustice in the world He created?


Have you ever considered that you can have the sun without the shade, but you can never have shade without the sun. How do we know there is evil in this world? Because good existed first. If justice had not existed first, you would have never known that what you are experiencing is injustice. Just as the shade actually proves the presence of the sun, evil and injustice in the world actually proves the prior existence of goodness and justice.

But how does that prove God is good and just?

Good point. To be considered good and just, God must first condemn evil and then bring all the perpetrators to justice. But there can be no justice without judgment. And for justice to be served, the judgment must be fair and without bias. You with me so far? Cool.

So, let’s imagine this: Someone has done you wrong and you are crying out to God for justice. Then, God turns to your oppressors and says, “I am going to condemn you to hell for all the wrongs you have done.” And you are as happy as a lark. But before you can even chirp for joy, God turns to you and asks, “And what about you and the wrongs you have done? What must be done to you?”

And you are all like “Um, actually what happened, God, is that I didn’t really mean to do all that. It was an honest mistake. I didn’t mean any harm. I was just fooling around…”

You get my drift… We want God to surely condemn those who have wronged us, but when it comes to us, we want Him to be kind and considerate. How typical!

But for justice to be truly served, God must treat everyone by the same yardstick. No favoritism. So if God decides to judge the very bad folk right away, He would also have to condemn the mostly good. And He does not want to do that without giving us a chance to make amends and save ourselves.

The Bible says God is slow to judge because He wants everyone, especially His own children, the genuinely good, saved. So, He offers us a way out. He says if you forgive others, I’ll forgive you. God knows better than any of us that all of us are sinful and if you don’t forgive your wrongdoers God will have to condemn them…and you. But if you show mercy, then mercy can be shown to you. It’s a fair call. It’s justice to the highest degree. And it is acceptable to God because God is just to everyone.

The fact that God is willing to wait proves that He is all loving and good. The fact that God is willing to forgive if you extend forgiveness to those who wronged you proves that He cares about justice.

So, to conclude, God is good. He is just. And, yes, He does exist.


Author: kevin menezes

Kevin Menezes is an author, editor and publisher of inspirational books.

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