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Are you a lover or a luster?

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Consider this: You test drive cars and try on clothes before you buy them. Surely then it is alright to try different people too before you tie the big knot, right?


You try things before you buy them because they were not tailor-made for you; they were made for mass consumption. So, you really need to know which one fits you the best. Second, these products were manufactured by humans and therefore may not always be perfect. Marriage, however, is a God thing.

The perfect God, in His divine and perfect wisdom, created and pre-selected the perfect spouse, tailor-made especially for you. So, you don’t need to “check out the goods” and try on people like you try on clothes. The reason divorce rates are climbing is because people bring a “let’s try and see if this works” attitude to marriage. Also, many marriages these days are founded on lust instead of love. Well, guess what? If you don’t really love the person you are marrying, sooner or later you’ll get tired of the looks, the money, the fancy car, etc.

Lust always runs out.  Love, on the other hand, is eternal.

So, the real question you should be asking is: Are you a lover or a luster? And if you claim to be a lover, why are you not preserving yourself for the perfect one God has already chosen for you? If you don’t want a second-hand used piece, why are you becoming one yourself? Are you a lover or a luster?

Author: kevin menezes

Kevin Menezes is an author, editor and publisher of inspirational books.

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