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Are You Successful? Really?

Don’t plan success the way the world plans success. It does not matter what the world thinks because their perception is only based on the externals.

For instance, if you are nice and courteous to everyone at work but you act like a monster at home, you are terribly unsuccessful. Because you beat the people you “love” over how you were treated by the people who didn’t love you.

The world sees you talk on your fancy phone and drive your fancy car to a fancy spa where you meet your fancy friends and they think you’ve made it. But nobody knows that little Miss Manners is actually a gorilla.

You’ve got it all wrong, Princess. You are supposed to love people and use things. Instead, you love things and use people. And you call yourself successful? Ha!

The people who really matter are the people who live with you…because their opinion is based on realities. Wanna know how successful you really are? Go ask your mom and dad. Ask your kids. Ask your spouse. Ask God. Then, we’ll talk.