Kevin Menezes

Loved and Saved by God alone to Love and Serve God alone.

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Are You Dead?

If you have been going to church “all your life” but have never once felt like jumping up and down, or dancing, or singing out loud, or declaring under your breath, “Yes, God, i love you too,” then i can honestly say you do NOT know God yet. You may “know about” Him, but you dont know Him personally.

You go to church every Sunday, but dont feel a thing. You come back as empty as you were before. Why? I am guessing it’s because your church is “dead”. The only reason you go there is because you are “dead” too. Sort of. And i mean that in the nicest possible way 🙂

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Seek to Please No One

When i was totally “lost”, i actually appeared glamorous and glitzy to the world; but on the inside, i was sick and miserable. Now that i am “saved”, i appear plain and ordinary on the outside; but on the inside, i am bursting with joy, full of life and love.

The world judges success by material abundance. If you have a fancy hairstyle, wear fancy clothes, drive a fancy car and act pricey, the world thinks you have it made. God, on the other hand, only considers the heart. Don’t try to please the world; it might cost you everything you hold dear and you could end up empty-handed.

It is better to appear ordinary on the outside and live like a prince, than to act important and live like a pauper. You are not in the show business (thank God). This is life. You only get one shot at it. Get real. Make it count.

Seek to please God alone…and everything you need, want and desire will be added to you. Test this. Give it a try. It works.