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Loved and Saved by God alone to Love and Serve God alone.

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Heavenly Assurance

True story.

September 2008.

It’s 4:00 am, and I am fast asleep.

Suddenly, I hear music…and it is heavenly.

Then, a voice whispers “Philippians 4.

I wake up. It’s dark.

Philippians 4?! What’s that?!” I wonder.

“Look in the Bible,” the voice says. This voice, by the way, is so small that it is almost like my heart speaking.

I open the Bible. I find the chapter and read it. I smile. Then, I close the Bible, look towards heaven and say, “Thank You.

The whole of Philppians 4 can be summarized thus:

“Rejoice. Don’t worry about a thing, but talk to God about everything. Do good whenever you can. Then sit back, relax and watch God take care of everything for you.”

A little heavenly assurance: Isn’t that exactly what we all need?

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No Regrets!


David was a poor shepherd boy. But his thoughts, words and deeds pleased God. And so God was pleased to make David a king. His son Solomon eventually became the richest man in the world. Yet, it did not happen overnight. My journey with Lord has only just begun…and already i am better off than before.

It is quite easy for the Lord to prosper a man. He did it for Abraham. He did it for Joseph. He did it for David. He did it for Solomon. He is doing it for me. And He can do it for you too.

Just turn to Him. You won’t regret it ever.

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What Will Your Last Words Be?

images1I was a rebel.

I rebelled against everything God stood for…

Rebelled against God Himself…

I told God flat out that:

a) “Look, I am sure You even exist; and

b) Even if you do, I want You out of my life.”

I’m doing alright without You. So thanks, but no thanks. Do whatever You must, but just freaking leave me alone.

And that was that…or so I thought.

Thing is, my life was a mess. It looked all fine and dandy on the outside, but it was crap on the inside.

I was drowning and I didn’t even know it. I needed help — badly.

I needed God.

But I was too proud. Too proud to ask.

Thankfully, God did not wait for me to figure Him out.

As soon as the water ran over my head, He sent his angels to dive right in after me and rescue me.

He lifted me up and set me high above on solid rock.

And so I live. On higher ground. And the view from up here is simply amazing. Things that did not make sense before are crystal clear now.

I realize now that there is only one way to make life on earth worthwhile. You got to make peace with the Landlord.

Amazingly, God wants that too.

So, here’s my advice. If the world is giving you hell, tune the world out. Tune in to God.

Make peace with Him. Even if it is the last thing you do before you die, reach out your hand to heaven.

That’s what the thief they hung with Jesus did. He was a rebel too. But just before he died, He looked at Jesus and said, “Please remember me.” And Jesus said “I will. Today, you’ll be with me in paradise.

This is what I’ll be saying just before I die:

Dear God, I lived as a rebel on this beautiful earth You created. And now it is time for me to go. But I didn’t want to leave without telling you this.

Thank You.

Thanks for being so good to me. Thanks for blessing me so greatly. This was a good ride. I had a good time. Thanks for watching over me and taking me in. Please watch over the ones I leave behind too. And for all the wrong I did, I am so sorry. I know You better now…and I love You.

What will you tell God just before you die?

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Love & Free Will

God has given every man free will to determine his destiny. This free will gives man the right to even reject the very God that created him and gave him this right. God, being the gentleman He is, will never infringe on a man’s right to choose what he wants to believe. However, this free will also comes with a rider. If you make choices of your own accord, then you alone are liable for all the consequences that arise thereof.

So, for example, if you choose to smoke like a chimp, drink like an elephant and live recklessly, you cannot blame God or anybody else when your health takes a turn for the worse. Your health is your responsibility.

If you borrow money to buy things you don’t need and never save for a rainy day, you should not blame God if you end up bankrupt and broke. Your lifestyle is your responsibility.

Similarly, if you spend all your time away from home, ignoring your wife and kids, you should not blame God or anybody else if your marriage ends up in the alley. It is your responsibility to make your marriage work.

Back in the day, I was a rebel. I used to take credit for all the good in my life and blame God for all the bad. I made some extremely poor choices in my life—we all do—and I paid dearly for them. When I look back now, I see clearly that through all the adversities and strife, God has always been (and still is) my greatest ally. Even when I was being a total jerk, telling God I’d be better off if He would just f#@}!#g leave me alone, He did not abandon me… coz a true parent never abandons a child. I was playing with fire and living on the edge. And all the while, God was right there with His hand gently behind my back to break my fall and ensure I wouldn’t land too hard.

God’s like that.

I can imagine God and His angels looking down on me from heaven and shaking their heads.

“That kid is going to get himself killed,” God says, “We better do something quickly.”

“Well, Sir, we can’t. Remember that free will contract you signed?” an angel replies.

“Oh! Yeah! I should have never done that,” God says.

“Well, you did leave a clause there saying ‘if a man calls out to You for help, we can jump right in.’”

“Yes! We can. Jump in right now and save him,” God orders.

“Um, there is just one small technical problem, Sir… he is not calling out for help—none of them are. They think You don’t exist,” the angel says.

“What?! Well, I don’t care what they think. I am not going to let them die on my watch. Save that kid anyways. I want him with me for eternity,” God commands.

And just like that, I got saved. Love and Mercy prevailed over the law.

When you are on God’s heart, He will send His angels to watch over you night and day. And if you ever run into trouble, He will order His angels to jump right in and rescue you, even if you don’t call out for help.

God’s love us unconditionally. And that’s how He expects us to love each other too.

Unconditional Love: God likes that… coz God’s like that.