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The Most Romantic Guy Ever…

When you think about the Bible, romance is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But the Bible has something for everyone–even diehard romantics.

Take the story of Hannah for instance. Her husband, Elkanah, the father of Samuel, is by far the most romantic character in the Bible.

Here’s the story.

Hannah desperately wants to have a child with her husband. After all, a little child that embodies attributes of both the father and mother is the strongest declaration that “the two of us are one”.

I can understand Hannah’s desperation. Back in the day, women who could not conceive were ostracized by society. They would be treated badly, even by their own family.

But our man Elkanah was of a different breed. When he saw how upset Hannah was, he took her in his arms, held her tear-stained face in his hands, looked deep into her eyes, wiped her tears away, kissed her on the cheeks and whispered, “Why so sad, pretty face? Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?”

Okay, he did not exactly say that. But he said something exactly like that. (Look up 1 Samuel 1 for exact details.) In any case, in my opinion, that’s like the most romantic line in the Bible.

Unlike the men of his time, Elkanah does not blame Hannah for not bearing children for him. Instead, he comforts her saying, “Don’t fret about it, sweetheart. Don’t worry about what the world says. We’ve got each other. And that’s all we need.”

This guy is a man after my own heart. He loves his wife and treats her the way all women ought to be treated – with love and respect.

I think God likes that in a man too. And therefore when God finally blesses Hannah, He is in essence blessing Elkanah too. Guess how many kids they have? Not one, not two, not three, not four…they have six.

I can almost envision Hannah surrounded by her little tots, beaming from ear to ear….with Elkanah right there with his arms around her. So realistically romantic.

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Give God A Chance

Looking UpDoes God really exist? After wrestling with this question for as long as I can remember, I finally chose to believe He did not. My reasoning was based primarily on the fact that I could neither see God nor feel Him.

In retrospect, my choice was a product of my narrow-minded selfishness. With God out of the way, I would neither have to deal with the guilt of sin nor its consequences—or so I thought. It was all very convenient.

I had it all figured out. I believed we were just intelligent animals descended from the apes. In short, I believed everything the science books, magazines, and the “experts” said. These are the best ways to give your career a boost; this is the best way to satisfy your spouse; this is what you should do; this is how you should do it.

Well, guess what I figured out eventually? The magazines and newspapers tell you nothing but a load of crap. It is written: Human knowledge is foolishness to God. And it really is. We think we are smart, but we are not—in fact, without God, we are nothing. I learnt this the hard way.

Today, after paying a heavy price for believing everything these “experts” said and allowing myself to be deceived, I finally stand corrected.

Maybe you are looking for answers too, but don’t know whom to turn to. I have a suggestion: Give God a chance.

Don’t know where to find Him? No problem.

The easiest way to find God is to get yourself to church – and not a dead one. (There are plenty of those too.)

Find yourself one that is centered on the Word of God, on Jesus and His life-giving Spirit. You’ll know you’ve found the right one when you see miracles all around you. When you see people being healed, delivered and blessed, when you see the “lame” walking and the “blind” seeing, give yourself a pat on the back and say, “I am in the right place.”

Just one suggestion: Don’t go looking for the most glamorous church in town. God is usually absent where vanity is present. Instead, look for a simple one. I guarantee that if you really look, you will eventually find a God-centered church… possibly in your own neighborhood. And when you do, you will find that God is very actively and visibly working in the lives of His people even to this day.

Go and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose. At least once in your lifetime, give yourself the opportunity to see the bigger picture. Do it for yourself! It might just prove to be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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Say Yes!

GideonNothing is impossible for God. He can make a blind man see, a dumb man speak, and lame man walk… He can make a poor man rich just as easily as He can make a fearful man brave.

That’s what he did for Gideon.

The interesting thing though is how God goes about accomplishing these seemingly impossible things. His ways are definitely not conventional. Like for instance, when Jesus wanted to cure a blind man, He spat on the ground, made mud and applied it on his eyes. Usually, when you want to help open someone’s eyes, you don’t put stuff in there that could make it worse, right? But God’s ways are much higher and better than our ways. He does things beyond human comprehension. And, most importantly, they work out just fine.

Anyways, coming to the story of Gideon.

Now, Gideon lived at a time when Israel was being oppressed by the neighboring Midianites and Amalekites. The Israelites lived in fear of these nations. Gideon, too, was afraid. The first time he is mentioned in the Bible, he is said to be “threshing some wheat in a winepress, so that the Midianites would not see him.”

I want to you pause here and comprehend Gideon’s level of fear. He is not yet the brave man God wants him to be. He is not yet the mighty warrior the Israelites need. He is threshing wheat in a vineyard because he is afraid. And yet, that’s not what God chooses to see. God wants Gideon to be courageous and so He addresses him as though he is already very brave.  The Book of Judges says: “The Lord’s angel appeared to him there and said, “The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man!” (Judges 6:12)

Now, here’s the thing: whenever God wants to create something, He speaks it into life. When God wanted light, He said “Let there be light” and light appeared. God can make you whatever He wants you to be. All He has to do is say the word.

Anyways, coming back to our story.

God then told Gideon to tear down his father’s altar to Baal, cut down the symbol of the goddess Asherah beside it, and build a well-constructed altar to the Lord. So Gideon took ten of his servants and did what the Lord had told him. He was too afraid of his family and the people in town to do it by day, so he did it at night. (Judges 6:27)

We see time and again that Gideon is not really brave. And yet God chose him. That’s what God does. Whenever God wants to do something great, He chooses total misfits. Jacob was a cheater; Peter had a temper; David had an affair; Noah got drunk; Jonah ran from God; Paul was a murderer; Miriam was a gossiper; Martha was a worrier; Thomas was a doubter; Sara was impatient; Elijah was moody; Moses stuttered; Zaccheus was short; Abraham was old, and Lazarus — well, he was just dead.

The “brave and mighty” Gideon was actually an insecure coward.

Anyways, after dilly-dallying for a while and asking God for signs and symbols, Gideon is finally convinced that God is indeed with him. He sends out messengers to gather together men from different tribes for battle against the Midianite army, which comprises more than 100,000 men. About 32,000 Israelites enroll. God sends 31,700 (or 99%) of them back.

When God decides to defeat a nation, He does not need human help to do it. He just needs someone to stake victory on His behalf. In this case, just 300 men are more than enough.

But God knew that Gideon was an insecure man. So, that night God instructed Gideon to approach the Midianite camp. Gideon overheard a Midianite man tell a friend of a dream in which God had given the Midianites over to Gideon.

Finally empowered, Gideon and the three hundred marched on the enemy camp. When they reached there, they routed the entire enemy camp by simply standing in their place, blowing their trumpets and shouting ‘For the Lord and for Gideon!’.

When the three hundred trumpets sounded, God caused the men throughout the enemy camp to turn on each other with their swords. And thus the entire army was defeated.

Remember, when God is leading you, success is guaranteed — 100%. God will do everything. Your part is to simply show up — that’s your 1%.

History records Gideon as one of Israel’s judges. David, the shepherd boy, is known today as one of Israel’s greatest kings. Moses is considered one of the greatest prophets. These were ordinary people just like you and me. But when God touched them, they did extraordinary things. And what God did for these people back then, He can do for you today. Remember, God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. Are you prepared to answer His call?

All you have to do is say “Yes, God. Let it be done unto me according to Your will.” Amen!