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Keep It Simple

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If you are lost in a big city and you saw two people walking by – a local guy and a foreigner, who probably does not even speak your language – whom would you speak to for directions?

Obviously, we would choose to speak to the guy who looks like he’s lived there all his life.

People who have lost their way in life are also looking for someone who can show them the way. But they do not come to God because more often than not His people look and speak like foreigners.

Most of the truly lost do not want the Jesus most Christians are preaching. They cannot relate to Him…because they cannot relate to us, the “uppity, know-it-all” types.

And most people don’t speak Biblese. To those whose hearts and minds have not yet been opened by the Spirit, the words in the Bible are like Greek. The only language they understand is the universal language of love and empathy.

That’s why we need to keep it real.

When we empathize more than we criticize, listen more than we talk, and reach (out) more than we preach, we’ll begin to make real progress.

When we openly share our weaknesses and failures, and testify about what Jesus has done for us, people will begin to say, “Hey! That guy is just like me. He was lost too. I experienced the same things he did. I know what he is talking about. I can relate to him.”

When they realize we face the same problems, have the same trials and yet are upheld by His love and grace…that’s when they’ll really start paying attention.

On the other hand, those who pretend to have it altogether will only relate to the one percent who assume they have it all together.

People are dying because they don’t know that Jesus is alive. He lives in us. We are the body of Christ.

If we don’t reach out our hands, they’ll never experience the touch of Christ.

If we close our hearts, they’ll never know His love.

If we turn away, they’ll never see Him…living in us.

Somehow, the coming of God’s kingdom depends on all of us living in this sphere of time. If we do our best, God will surely do the rest.

Author: kevin menezes

Kevin Menezes is an author, editor and publisher of inspirational books.

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