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Do What You Want

When I was younger, I used to think of God as this stuck-up person in the sky who wanted me to live my life on his terms. I took credit for all the good and blamed God for all the bad. Frankly, I hated God.  

I see things differently now.  

God is too big to be obsessing about every little thing we do. But that does not mean He does not care about what’s going on in our lives. He loves us and He does care. That’s why He gave us the Commandments.  

Now get this: God does not benefit from our righteousness. The good we do benefits us alone. As demanding as they may seem, God did not introduce the Commandments to keep us under subjection. He introduced them to keep us safe…from ourselves.  

The reason God says do not commit adultery is because adultery, like murder, is an act of violence against another human being…and also our own selves. God knows that kind of thing can literally tear families apart, ruin lives and break people. A single act can ruin so many lives, including your own. That’s why God advises against it.  

For more or less the same reasons, He also warns against stealing, lying, coveting… All of these things are demeaning. And God does not want that. If anything, He wants us to live respectful, HAPPY lives.  

Yes, God wants you to be Happy.  

All we need to do is keep ourselves from sin. Everything else is permissible. Everything else is a choice–and it is yours to make. In fact, God welcomes it. He wants us to live life on our terms (not His) and have a good time. The only thing God is concerned about is that we should not hurt ourselves (or others) by sinning. In retrospect, everything God tells us to do is for our own good. 

Want to buy a house? Well, if you need to, you should.  

Want to get married? Okay, whatever makes you happy…so long as you are not marrying someone else’s spouse–that’s off limits.  

Want to wear yellow and green and eat fish today? Well, it is not a sin…so go right ahead.  

Anyways, I think you get the point.  

Anything you want to do, you can do. Any decision you want to make is yours to make. Remember though that decisions are tied to consequences. So make wise decisions. If you are happy, God is happy for you. As long as you are not sinning against yourself, or someone else, you are free to live life to the fullest…on your terms.  

So, go ahead. Enjoy life! Do good. Rejoice and be happy. God is with you.  

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Dreams – You Did What?!?!

We are accountable for our words and deeds. We know that. In fact, that is precisely why the Bible advises us to be prudent, guard our hearts and minds, and avoid sin at all cost.

But what about the sins we commit when we are sleeping? I am talking about the things we wouldn’t dare do when we are wide awake, but see ourselves doing (and dare I say enjoying) in our dreams. Are we accountable for those too?  

The people in church were talking about that recently. And some of them were obviously very worried about it. One woman, however, had a different take. She said (and I quote): “We certainly have enough waking sins to confess; I don’t think God will hold us responsible for the ones we commit when we are asleep!” She then confessed, in good humor, that she actually enjoyed those sins as sort of “free passes.”

The people laughed and moved on. But I couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said. So, well, here’s my take.

God surely won’t hold us responsible for the sins we commit when we are asleep…but that does not mean they are entirely without consequences.

Let me put this as simply as I can.

Satan knows all our weaknesses and tries to use them against us. He wants us to fall. But God is watching out for us, and wants us to be better prepared. So, He allows certain dreams to show us exactly where we stand. Ever heard the axiom: “Whatever you can dream, you can do.“?

If, in your dreams, you see yourself doing something you should not, you should get down on your knees and pray for the grace and strength to resist…. because temptation is on its way and you have been warned already.

Watch and Pray.

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Keep It Simple

If you are lost in a big city and you saw two people walking by – a local guy and a foreigner, who probably does not even speak your language – whom would you speak to for directions?

Obviously, we would choose to speak to the guy who looks like he’s lived there all his life.

People who have lost their way in life are also looking for someone who can show them the way. But they do not come to God because more often than not His people look and speak like foreigners.

Most of the truly lost do not want the Jesus most Christians are preaching. They cannot relate to Him…because they cannot relate to us, the “uppity, know-it-all” types.

And most people don’t speak Biblese. To those whose hearts and minds have not yet been opened by the Spirit, the words in the Bible are like Greek. The only language they understand is the universal language of love and empathy.

That’s why we need to keep it real.

When we empathize more than we criticize, listen more than we talk, and reach (out) more than we preach, we’ll begin to make real progress.

When we openly share our weaknesses and failures, and testify about what Jesus has done for us, people will begin to say, “Hey! That guy is just like me. He was lost too. I experienced the same things he did. I know what he is talking about. I can relate to him.”

When they realize we face the same problems, have the same trials and yet are upheld by His love and grace…that’s when they’ll really start paying attention.

On the other hand, those who pretend to have it altogether will only relate to the one percent who assume they have it all together.

People are dying because they don’t know that Jesus is alive. He lives in us. We are the body of Christ.

If we don’t reach out our hands, they’ll never experience the touch of Christ.

If we close our hearts, they’ll never know His love.

If we turn away, they’ll never see Him…living in us.

Somehow, the coming of God’s kingdom depends on all of us living in this sphere of time. If we do our best, God will surely do the rest.