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My dear wife Sharel and I sat down for dinner at the end of a long day. Moshe, our infant, watched patiently as the food was served, but the minute we started eating, he threw a tantrum. Although full, our little darling wanted some of what we were having too. Tsk! Tsk!

Like all parents, we want our son to have the best. In fact, I would have loved for him to have some of the good things set on the table. But his digestive system is not ready for all foods yet. Moshe does not realize this though, and probably wonders why his loving father won’t give him the good things he desires.

As I thought about that, a light came on inside me. Don’t we give God a hard time too by constantly nagging Him about the things we want? It is not that God does not want us to have good things. However, He knows that some of the things we desire may do us more harm than good. Or maybe we are simply not ready for them yet. Maybe this is not the right time to buy that house or car you are eying. Maybe God knows things will get easier when prices drop in a few weeks. He can see the big picture—what’s coming down the road—and He wants the best for us.

Sharel set Moshe down a little later to take care of some end-of-day chores. Since I was really tired, she told me not to bother about him. “Just relax. I have him covered,” she said.

Soon, she seemed lost in her work. So I kept a wary eye on our little guy who only seemed intent on crawling towards the most hazardous places in the house. I was about to swing into action when he was just an arm’s length away from the workstation, but Sharel suddenly snooped down on him, picked him up and set him down in a safe place. And she did this time and again.

Suddenly, another light came on. When we are in the midst of a crisis, doesn’t it seem that God is too busy to care? Don’t we wonder if He is even aware of what we are going through?

If we turned to Him in prayer, I am sure we would hear Him saying, “Just relax. I got you covered.”

God loves us. And He allows us to deal with life’s challenges because He knows that if He does not give us enough room to crawl, we will never learn to walk.

And since He has given us the ability to distinguish good from bad as well as free will, it is only fair that we bear the consequences of our actions. But when we are in danger of real harm, God snoops down, picks us up and sets us in a safe place.

I thanked God for using Moshe to show me things from His perspective. I also rested easy that night knowing Someone up there is watching over me and He has me covered.

Author: kevin menezes

Kevin Menezes is an author, editor and publisher of inspirational books.

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