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Got No Money? Good!

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It is better to have a purpose in life and no money than to have all the money in the world and no purpose in life.

The Bible talks about how when God freed the Israelites from the yoke of slavery, He also inclined the hearts of the Egyptians to give them clothing and articles of silver and gold.

Not very long thereafter, the “newly moneyed” Israelites camped at Sinai while Moses went up the Mount to meet God.

With nothing interesting to do except wait for Moses, who apparently was in no hurry to return, the Israelites grew restless. What’s more, they had so much gold and silver just lying around. So they did what most people with lots of money and no purpose would do. They used it to entertain themselves. First, they molded all the gold in the shape of a calf. Then, they worshipped it. And because we become what we worship, soon thereafter, the Israelites started acting like animals.

It’s the same today.

Look at most rich kids. Dad and Mom are too busy to spare any time for them. But, gee, Dad’s got some spare change. “Here, Kid, why don’t you put that to good use? Go and buy yourself something you like…anything. And remember never to forget that your Dad loves you. And this big wad of cash will show you just how much.”

In the beginning, these kids buy themselves some candy, toys, etc. But there’s only that much satisfaction you can gain from that. So they graduate to video games, alcohol, drugs, fast cars, etc. Obviously, after some time even that is not enough. So, it’s more alcohol, more drugs…

Most rich kids today are more than happy to spend money they haven’t earned on things they don’t need. Eventually, these kids either end up in the ditch, or in rehab, or in prison, or in the grave…or in all of the above.

God does not like it one bit.

The real reason why God does not answer some people when they pray for riches is not because He can’t give them what they want. He chooses not to because He knows they can’t handle it.

I face a similar problem with my two-year-old sometimes. He wants me to get him a bicycle that is obviously way too big for him. He wails for it every time we happen to walk by a bike store. Truthfully, it is no big deal for me to get him that bike. In fact, I want to. But right now that bike would do him more harm than good. He needs to wait until he grows a little more. Then, he’ll enjoy it to the fullest. My son does not realize that and wonders why his ever-loving father won’t give him what he desires.

It’s the same with God. He wants us to have all the good things in life—money even. But sometimes He holds himself back because He knows what we are asking for could actually do us more harm than good.

So, if you are giving God a hard time about doing something for you, back off a little. When it’s dinner time, a child does not need to convince his parent that he should be given something to eat. The parent lovingly reaches for the plate and serves up the good stuff…and a little more. We need to give God more credit than we do.

Got no money? Good!

You’ll get it eventually…if you deserve it.

But first get a purpose—and it better be good.

Author: kevin menezes

Kevin Menezes is an author, editor and publisher of inspirational books.

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