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It’s Your Call

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What cause would you be willing to sacrifice your child die for?

Simple question.

Many take pride in a loved one who dies fighting for the country. Yes, that is a huge sacrifice. But I am not talking about the kind of sacrifice where your grownup kid joins the army, is sent to war with the hope that he’ll return soon, but does not.  I am talking about the kind where you have to send your kid to war with the understanding that he’s never coming back. Like a suicide mission. Except the decision is not up to your child — it’s up to you.

What cause would be worth that kind of sacrifice?

Turn around one time and look at your kid or loved one before you answer this. No need to hurry. Take your time.

There’s one more catch though. What if I told you the enemies are savages. A bullet to the head won’t do it. They’ll beat the living daylights out of your little sweetheart before they let him die. They’ll skin him alive. Torture him. Pull every bone of his body out of socket. It’s going to be gruesome.

What cause would be worth having your child go through that?

Come on now. You can decide. It’s your call after all.

What if your kid calls you from the warzone the night before his unit is about to be ambushed. He says, “Dad, they are closing in. I can turn back now while there is still time. But you asked me to be here and I won’t retreat until you say so. Please Dad. I want to come back. Just say the word. We can worry about this later. They are gonna kill me, Dad. And I want to live. I want to come home. Please let me come back…”

What would you say in response?

If it were me, I’d tell my child to get the hell out of there and keep running till he got home.

But I am asking you now. What would you do?

While you are thinking about that I want to tell you about a remarkable dad who took a similar call from his son. The amazing thing is this dad did not back down. Neither did the son. When the enemy was within sight, his buddies retreated and ran for their life.

But this kid did not.

He stood there… alone… because his father told him to.

And he went down.

You’ve probably heard of him. His name is Jesus.

PS: Funny thing is, all these years later, He still believes you are worth dying for.  

Author: kevin menezes

Kevin Menezes is an author, editor and publisher of inspirational books.

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